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Discussion in 'Public Hacks' started by Siłent々NinjaModZ, Feb 24, 2019.

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  1. Siłent々NinjaModZ

    Siłent々NinjaModZ New Member

    Mod Menu by Siłent々Ninja ModZ
    MOD MENU APK and OBB for Android
    Game: Vast
    Launcher Version : 1.0
    APK size : 24.2MB
    OBB size : 107.02MB
    Needs Root : NO
    Needs Obb : YES

    How To Download:

    Step 1: Download the mod menu apk and obb

    Step 2 : install the mod menu apk and extract the obb file form the zip

    Step 3: Run game and have fun !

    - Mod Menu
    - Noclip
    - Walk under map
    - God Mode
    - Give Object/Teammate God Mode (max HP)
    - Super Speed
    - Super Jump
    - Unlimited Ammo
    - No Reload
    - Fire Rate
    - Rain
    - Anti-Kick
    - Anti-Ban
    - Credits
    - Turn cheats on/off toggle
    -Open/Close menu

    Download platforme : mediafire

    Vast Mod Menu Apk :
    Vast Mod Menu Obb :

    Credits : Siłent々Ninja ModZ
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  2. DRP

    DRP New Member

    • but?
  3. SziftXDDDD

    SziftXDDDD New Member

  4. Killer of 9ods

    Killer of 9ods New Member

    This doesn't work I follow steps and I load game and it won't let me login/guest/sign up and pls tell me how to fix this bc this game looks dope and I wanna see troll skid vouch btw
  5. Siłent々NinjaModZ

    Siłent々NinjaModZ New Member

    You need the obb
  6. Tiger

    Tiger New Member

  7. skyr3x

    skyr3x New Member

    Uhh the apk is a block strike apk. The file is called gen_signed. Am i going on the wrong mediafire link?
  8. Siłent々NinjaModZ

    Siłent々NinjaModZ New Member

    Wait sorry i think i made a mistake or something
  9. skyr3x

    skyr3x New Member

    Its a dope ass blockstrike cheat imma try getting the blockstrike obb and noclipping around lmao.
  10. Siłent々NinjaModZ

    Siłent々NinjaModZ New Member

    I updated the vast link its right know
  11. skyr3x

    skyr3x New Member

    Ok the block strike hack is outdated by 0.0.1 anyways
  12. Siłent々NinjaModZ

    Siłent々NinjaModZ New Member

    Dammit i got to do it all again
  13. richardlhs

    richardlhs New Member

    Works like a charm.

    But there are two things:
    - Some buttons are too small
    - Some modules have bugs, e.g. the speed it igores borders, causing going out of bounds.
  14. Siłent々NinjaModZ

    Siłent々NinjaModZ New Member

    Thank you for your feedback i will take that into account for the next cheat menu update
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  15. Tiger

    Tiger New Member

  16. Dasrealus

    Dasrealus Public Moderator CO - L2

    i unapproved the mod...did you make it
  17. Owen Ryden

    Owen Ryden New Member

    Hey can u help me out i extracted the obb and opened the app and when i go to make an account and click ok it does not do anything. Can u help me out. Please and thanks.