Tutorial Unlimited accounts on the same device without clonning apps (games, apps, social networks)


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  • 1.Open the cydia store and add the BYA repo from "repo.biteyourapple.net"
    if you don't know how to add it follow this instructions http://repo.biteyourapple.net/add.php
    2.Click the search button on the bottom right, and type "Slices", must have an apple logo, then click install and then confirm.

    -Open your device settings and search for Slices
    -Enable it
    -Choose the application (whatsapp,instagram, depop,facebook,messenger, flipboard, Dungeon Hunter and many others..)
    -Enable the voice "ask on touch"
    -Create a slice, and put your id or a name, this will be the default slice
    -So create another one, and put the second id or another name.

    Close settings, open the app and choose the account you want to login with.
credits: emdamaker