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Discussion in 'Public Hacks' started by Siłent々NinjaModZ, Feb 18, 2019.

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  1. Siłent々NinjaModZ

    Siłent々NinjaModZ New Member

    Mod by Siłent々Ninja ModZ
    MOD APK for Android
    Game: Subway Surfers
    Version: 1.63.1
    Launcher Version : 1.0
    Game size : 60.15MB
    Needs Root : NO
    Needs Obb : NO

    How To Download:
    Step 1: Download the mod and install
    Step 2: Run game and have fun !

    - Fly
    - Unlimited Boost Score
    - Unlimited Score
    - Unlimited Coins
    - Free Purchases
    - Real Server (real score)
    - Hidden Debug menu
    - Noclip (debug menu)
    - Time scale (debug menu)
    - Unlocked and upgraded all (debug menu)

    Download platforme : mediafire


    Credits : Siłent々Ninja ModZ
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    DENOL4IK New Member

    Nice cheat works excellent!
  3. Toshiro

    Toshiro Member

    When all the stuff you want hacked was done by the devs lol
  4. ForwardAssaultGood

    ForwardAssaultGood New Member

    How do I activate debug menu
  5. Kickrog

    Kickrog New Member

    You go to the settings and there will be a symbol on the top right where it says settings
  6. Programmer from Moscow

    Programmer from Moscow Public Moderator Russian Support CO - L2

    I know that the mod is still working. But, dont forget to update the mod to version 1.100.0