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Please notice and understand following lines before you pay for our services:

1: The money you pay is not for the Hacks. Our Hacks are allways for free. We don't make money with hacks because of the laws and copyrights.

2. The money you pay is to get access to our vip Forums and access to our file database.

3. If anything doesn't work because of issues with your phone, or the hacks doesn't work because of any reasons you can get a refund.

4. You can be banned if you use hacks. Cheating in games is always a risk. There was never undetectable hacks, and there will never be undetectable Hacks in future. Everything can be hackable, but every hack can be detected too

5. Please understand that every feature of our hacks can be patched by gamedevelopers. Gamedevelopers are million dollars companies with hundred of the best Coders they can find for money. Our Developers are high Skilled too, but there is always one who is better than others.

So if any feature or a complete hack is disabled by us, you can get a refund. We share working hacks. If you paid and never could use a hack because gamedevelopers patched a game few days ago, we will refund you. We are not unfair.

6. If you paid for our services and you can't use it because of disabled hacks (update, maintenance etc) you can't get a refund but we always compensate the downtime or we allow you to switch to another package for free.

7. Buyer of Black Masterpackage get all of our Hacks very cheap. There are no refunds, no downtime compensating, no switches. You have always access to all other hacks if any of hacks is not available.

8. If you buy the wrong package, we will switch you to the right one for free. But only if you never used the hack.

9. If you buy a hack and you don't like it. You can't get a refund and you can't switch to another one. But you can ask our team nicely, we make exceptions because we want to have our customers satisfied.

10. Don't flame in the forum if anything goes wrong. You can always ask and constructive criticism is very welcome, but flame, insulting, hounding, against us, our customers ends always in a lifetime ban

11. Please notice is a Beta Project we made from the Scratch because we are the first humans on this planet who start with that. Everything you can use and see is 100% selfmade 100% unique and never copy paste. So please Understand that our software isn't bugfree or 100% perfect. We are at the beginning of a new part of hacking history and everything is new for us too. We do everything to see you satisfied, but we also are humans who make mistakes.

If you think there is anything unfair or if you are unable to understand these rules. Please dont pay our services and leave this site.

We provide non legal stuff to poeple like you who want to do illegal things. If you buy drugs and you make something wrong or you get arrested, you can't blame the dealer. You have to know what you do and you have to be 18 years old if you want to use these services.

Again: we do everything we can to make you sattisfied, sometimes we need need time because rush in the hack development always end with troubles. WE DON'T REFUND ANYTHING, EXCEPT IN individual cases

Chargebacks end allways in a lifetime ban.
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