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    Mode: Non Rooted (Virtual space)
    Current version: Beta


    Mono Toolkitten is an advanced external injector for mono backend games.
    This project aims for runtime injection on the fly, such as dumping and injecting & invoking dlls without to modify the apk.
    The injector is currently in beta phase.

    - Dumping dlls, best for dumping encrypted dlls.
    - Plugin system (Inject external dlls) [coming soon]

    - Neat self logcat
    - Cute user interface (-:

    -ARM & x86
    -Android 5.0 and above

    How to use:
    1- Download your favorite virtual space from gameguardian > Link <

    2- Launch your virtual space app then add Mono Toolkitten and your target game to it.
    3- Launch Mono Toolkitten within your virtual space app, then the overlay kitten icon will appear just like gameguardian.
    4- Now return to virtual space app and launch your target game.
    5- Click on kitten icon and you should see running mono processes, choose your target game and pick any function you want.

    -Inside Mono Toolkitten app there is 3 sections:
    1- Home (Welcoming page)

    2- Logcat (Shows logs of the application, mostly for injections)
    3- About (blah

    -The generated dump folder will be inside the virtual space app storage.

    -For dumping encrypted dlls, I have noticed some developers also remove or mess up the dll header, so if the dumped dll still can't be opened then check the header and fix it yourself.

    -The dlls dumper is open source on [Github], if ptrace failed then you can simply compile the lib and make necessary changes to the apk to load the lib.

    Future plans:
    -Finishing dll injecting method
    -Package name randomization


    -> Click here <-


    17th February 2019:-
    • -Improved running processes listing.
    • -Minor bug fixes



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    someone should really advertise this
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    Very good job !
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    Nice Work!
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    Theres a malfunctions on the header the codes didnt appear
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    I didn't understand what you mean