iOS Hacks?

Do you have an iOS ?

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Do we have iOS users here and if so would you like to see autoskillz hacks on iOS?
I would absolutely love for you to start doing ios cheats. I am jailbroken but the cheats for ios are no where near as good as android. Thats why @Ruit if you were to start doing iOS hacking it would be as good as android as you probably best hacker ever. I would love to see the war robots engine hack on iOS. That would be so awesome.


Let me think....
Are you trying to change the topic to avoid Standoff 2??
(Unfortunately u cant see my face, but it really shows really funny catty smile)
Obviously I'm busy with life so I can't make or update hacks so often except for VIP.
I made this topic so next time I make a hack it will be available for both IOS and android.
I've got extra free time these days so you may expect something to come.