Solved I sugest you guys can add more public hacks

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions & Reports' started by Balanshu, Dec 25, 2018.

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  1. Balanshu

    Balanshu New Member

    I sugest to add more public hacks because everything is outdated. The hacks are of your choice and i heard people are spaming to update fwd assault so is there a way you can delete the hacks of pixel gun and fwd assault as they are no longer functioning.
    I am not a new member and im impressed with your work. But just add more hacks.

    Sorry to trouble anyone.
    if there is anything bigger than this please finish the bigger one then come to mine.
    Thank you
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  2. Asyhole

    Asyhole Adminstrator Adminstrator

    Working on more important things no time to update or make new punblic hacks. Feel free to try one of our vip hacks
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