Tutorial How To Have Smoother Gaming Experience on Samsung Devices!

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  1. ChrisModZ

    ChrisModZ Member

    Only Samsung Devices are Supported!!!!

    Samsung Electronics recently made a special app for Samsung Phones only that have android 6.0 and up

    The app they made is called game tuner!

    But With What Does It Help?

    1.You can modify the resolution of the game you need to reduce battery loss or imprive gaming fps [Reccomended if u have critical ops]
    2.You can make the Hw Performance Work Faster ( Like Gpu overclocking) but it might overheat the battery but give better performance.
    3.Make limit to fps if the game is with 30 Fps for example firtnite then you can put the limit to 30fps but if yoy are doing a video for entrtainemnt u can lower it to 15 fps!

    Google Play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.samsung.android.gametuner.thin
    If you have an Samsung and your device is not supported: https://game-tuner.en.uptodown.com/android

    Have Fun Gaming!
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