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Discussion in 'Public hacks' started by Ruit, Sep 27, 2018.

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  1. ggwpman

    ggwpman New Member

    plz update,add glove changer plz thx
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  2. Ya_boihere

    Ya_boihere New Member

    People please be patient, let them do what they need to do first. Thank you!
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  3. Yerrrainy

    Yerrrainy New Member

    Why are you chopping so good a game please no update People make an effort that there are no more hackers People do not deserve to get that good mod

    Mfg yerr
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2019
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  4. Ya_boihere

    Ya_boihere New Member

    May you please translate what you have said to English. Thanks
  5. gamecheater87771

    gamecheater87771 New Member

    guyz be patient
  6. SCOPY

    SCOPY New Member

  7. SCOPY

    SCOPY New Member

    Need to upt
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  8. SCOPY

    SCOPY New Member

    Need to update!
  9. ImDaddy

    ImDaddy New Member

    What did they just said calm your tits and if you think it's not gonna take a day or two then buzz off like it's very annoying how you don't read other comments and just judge like "oh they don't have a life all they do is lua coding or even javascript" like really I do coding for hack but come on stop asking for updates dont you guys get it they have a life they know they need to update it now just be patient and stop asking for it
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  10. Asyhole

    Asyhole Adminstrator Adminstrator

    Outdated thread closed to prevent spam
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