Mod Menu Forward Assault +24 1.2003


I don't think it says hidable menu in the hack.
How to isert this mod menu?
Pls l
Installation Instructions: Step 1: Download the .deb Cydia hack file from the link above on your iDevice. Step 2: Install the .deb file with iFile/Filza by tapping the .deb and tapping "Installer" or "Install" on your iDevice. Step 3: Restart your game for the changes to take effect. Step 4: Enjoy.


CO - L2

Forward Assault

- Radar -> see enemies on the minimap
- No camera recoil -> You don't have any camera recoil.
- No recoil -> You don't have any recoil
- Buy outside buyzone -> Buy weapons outside of the Buyzone
- Don't flinch -> Don't flinch when you're getting hit
- AI can't respawn -> Bots can't respawn
- No spread -> Bullets won't spread
- Rapid fire ->
- Silent kill -> Enemies won't hear the bullets or see the from the bullet trace (Linked to Rapid Fire)
- Jump On Air -> You can jump on Air
- Shoot trough walls -> Shoot you're enemies through walls
- see the bomb through walls -> (Linked to Shoot through walls)
- Everyone Same/SmallHitbox -> Everyone will have the same hitbox this is useful because people won't be able to move the hitbox of their head by crouching
- Plant everywhere -> You can plant the bomb where ever you want.
- No air-jump detection -> when you hit the roof of the map the game won't try to push you down to the ground.
- Anti-Cheat bypassed -> Game won't show up alerts about the user hacking.
- Move Before Countdown -> You can move before the countdown(if this doesn't work turn it off and on)
- Game can't switch you from team -> Game won't try to switch you for balancing

- Weapons don't clear -> The weapons won't clear this means you can drop a weapon and pick it up next round note: only you can make use of this weapons and see them and pick them up you're team mates and enemies won't be able to use it
- One hit kill -> kill any enemy just with one shot
- NoScopeZoom -> it won't zoom you're scope if you use an sniper this is good for close combat with the sniper
- Increased FOV -> Zoomed FOV this is useful for range combat with any weapon!
- BlueRoom WARNING DON'T HAVE THIS ALWAYS ON, more explanation on this hack below
- Telekill -> teleport to the enemies (DON'T USE THIS WITH BLUE ROOM IT WILL END UP IN A CRASH)
- unlimited ammo -> keep shooting without needing to reload

BlueRoom is a hack that brings the user to a blue room in this blue room they can't be killed (didn't test this with telekill) the user can plant the bomb in the "BlueRoom" where no one can reach it when the user is in the BlueRoom they won't be able to get out even if they kill them self the only way to get out is to disconnect another fun thing is that You won't be visible on the radar even not for other people that have hacks (thats the part of the hack where we have to deal with) Now lets talk about the enemies and team mates some of the enemies and teamates will be put under the map or will be locked in the blue room there is no way for them to get out the blue room even not switching team the only way out is disconnecting and reconnecting the other things they have to deal with is the game trying to kick them and put messages in their screen and saying they are wallhacking this are some of the biggest side effects of this hack becouse you can basically just lock players in a blue room and let the game try to kick them for hacking

How to use BlueRoom: Just click on it and it will teleport you instantly if it doesn't work walk for a bit and shoot.
wanna see it in action watch this videos

this is still my first hack i just updated it hope you guys enjoy it

note: if you have any crashesh or broken features please tell me also this hack supports Unc0ver and Chimera.

Credit : AnonieDev
Credit : Joka (For the awesome one hit kill and no spread)
Credit: Ted2(Joey): for the awesome telekill and unlimited ammo