Outdated Creative Destruction - Wall Hacks

Discussion in 'Public hacks' started by Ruit, Sep 20, 2018.

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  1. Ruit

    Ruit Adminstrator Adminstrator

    Game: Creative Destruction
    Version: 1.0.19
    Root needed: No

    • Chams (Colors can be changed)
    Chams gives ability to see other players through some objects. some custom made skins may not be effected.
    The wireframe has been removed since it has issues with some GPU's.
    It is recommended to play with high graphics for better rendering.

    -Android Lollipop and above (5.0+)

    -May not work on some huawei devices.

    Install steps:

    1. Download the game from PlayStore and then rename it's obb
    2. Delete the game
    3. Install modded apk
    4. Rename the game's obb back to the original name.
    First check which version is compatible and available in your playstore, it could be creative destruction or creative destruction advanced.

    -For Creative Destruction
    -> Click Here <-

    -For Creative Destruction Advanced
    -> Click Here <-

    Last updated at 21th September, make sure you have latest apk.

    Ruit - AutoSkillz.net

    You must be registered in our forum to be able to login inside the modded apk.

    Some screenshots:

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Sep 22, 2018
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  2. Programmer from Moscow

    Programmer from Moscow Public Moderator Russian Support CO - L2

    Damn looks pretty good i want to play.
    Thanks @Ruit ;)
  3. ChrisModZ

    ChrisModZ Member

    Damn Nice.
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  4. Pitcher532

    Pitcher532 New Member

    Good job Ruit!
  5. Adizila

    Adizila New Member

    Id doesn't work idk why it just closes i did the steps
  6. Ruit

    Ruit Adminstrator Adminstrator

    Where does it close?
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  7. Adizila

    Adizila New Member

    Before the girl with the sniper screen
    Edit:il try again
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  8. Ruit

    Ruit Adminstrator Adminstrator

    I can't be sure about the issue without any crash logs. Which device you have and your android version?
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  9. Adizila

    Adizila New Member

    huawei p9
    Android is 7.0
  10. ChrisModZ

    ChrisModZ Member

    It always carshes fix please
    Huawei p8 lite 6.0 Marshmallow
  11. Calib

    Calib New Member

    Are you going to do other mod/features
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  12. Asyhole

    Asyhole Adminstrator Adminstrator

    It was only posted 6 hours ago please don't start with asking for more features..
  13. Vicrey7

    Vicrey7 New Member

    Thx man you r cool:D
  14. N1VEL

    N1VEL New Member

    mine gets "obb downloading". help?o_O
  15. Asyhole

    Asyhole Adminstrator Adminstrator

    Then let it download,. It's downloading the needed files

    Attached Files:

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  16. Kingky

    Kingky New Member

    YO im not a hater or anything but listen to what i gotta say
    1.As soon as you enter a battle the menu dissapers
    2.Ruit i love your hax but they're is not shit on the damn menu!
    3.sometimes it kicks you out of the loading screen.....like WTF!?
    4.Also i've noticed it prevents me to build it might be me but i've never had this problem before
    Like i said im not a hater Ruit i love you man but fix your shit and
    i know people are going to say its been out for like 11 hours only give it time and i will but for now these are some bugs i've found.

    Sincerely :King ky (+_+)
  17. Asyhole

    Asyhole Adminstrator Adminstrator

    A wallhack chams and wire frame is better than nothing right? No more public releases unless it's feature packed?

    Lol . That's how your comment came across
  18. Johrev2

    Johrev2 New Member

    When I go in and activate it, it show wires and red things but then I start lagging and then I get 415 ping. It says all the servers are red too. The only wire and chasm I see is my character.pls help is this because my phone can't handle it or ram of some sorts?

    Edit:I'm trying it again and download stuff hopefully this time it works
  19. Ruit

    Ruit Adminstrator Adminstrator

    Don't tell me to fix my stuff when the issue is from your end.
    I have tested the hack on various devices and memu emulator as well before the release.
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  20. Ruit

    Ruit Adminstrator Adminstrator

    The other guy also uses huawei and it's crashing for him. i need crash logs. if you have root then pm me
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2018
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