C-Ops Hack Questions (Not VIP support)


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I used to use this hack a while ago when it was $10 and then $5 for every Anti-Hack updat they had and I just want to ask a few questions because I have started playing the game again and want to use the hack.

1) Is the cheat undetectable if you aren't blatant about it. I have seen there have been a lot of ban waves going around and just wanted to know if it's safe to use and undetectable

2) Does it bypass the incompatible version issue? My phone is rooted and it tells me I have an incompatible version when I go to download and when I download the game from an external source it tells me to update. I especially want to know this because I want to play C-Ops on my computer using an emulator and I can't get C-Ops to work at all on it (same incompatible version issue as phone)

Any information would be helpful. Thanks!
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I'm ready too lol