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Rule 1:
No posting of pornographic material, warez, sharez, public cheats and mods what overlap with our hacks, keygenerators, cracks or any other .exe or .dll.

Rule 2:
Use the search feature before creating new countless threads about a problem/issue you might be having. Search a few times for several keywords regarding your issue 99% of all questions asked have been answered before.

Rule 3:
Read the FAQs and Stickies posted in the appropriate forum.

Rule 4:
Old threads (over 3 months old) are not to be posted in.

Rule 5:
No abusive/racist comments to any member on the forum. Flaming other hacksites isn't allowed either.

Rule 6:
Hardware ID resets for your devices are dealt only from admin or staff. If you have new Device you need to post in the support section. To prevent abusing our system you need to pay 7$ for ID Reset or renew your subscription if you want to get it for free.
So if you get the message your HWID does not match, do NOT create a topic about and do not PM staff/moderators as this will only delay the process.

Rule 7:
Do not abuse the reporting system.

Rule 8:
No Advertising other hacks & mods or related websites

Rule 9:
Post in the correct section of the forum, Example: Critical Ops related posts should be in the Cops section etc.

Rule 10:
Do not hijack threads, stay on topic!

Rule 11:
Do not beg for features.

Rule 12:
Before Reporting a Game ban on the forums, be sure it's caused by our hacks. If not, report in the correct thread.

Rule 13:
When posting feedback, post constructive feedback. "the hack sucks" or "support is terrible" isn't feedback, it's seen as flaming.

Rule 14:
When posting as a VIP, make sure you do not post threads in the Public section regarding private questions, information or features, you're leaking private info to public eyes!

Rule 15:
Do not take screen shots of our forum and publish them on other forums, this will result in a permanent ban.

Rule 16:
No Sharing accounts , no selling accounts. Users who allow others to login to their accounts will have that account terminated and will no longer be able to use the site or its services.

The "3 Strikes And You're (Temporarily) Out" System:

The above rules are made for the benefit of not only The staff/Moderators, but also every member of the forums.
Therefore we operate a warning system using the in-built Forum infraction system. If you don't respect the forum rules, you earn infractions.

Each infraction has a set amount of warning points. Once you reach 15 points you are banned for 5days.

* Depending on which rule you break your points will last anywhere between 1week to 1month.
* Creating new accounts will only extend your ban further.
* If you come back after this month and you are still breaking rules we may be forced to permanently ban you.

*The Moderators and Staff reserve the right to permanently ban any member they choose at any given time!*

How to post and be loved:

There are two types of posts. There’s the well laid out, informative, posted with forethought type and then there’s the kind that make little of any sense, posted in haste with no thought at all.

If you want a sensible answer then post a sensible question. Supply details when you initially post, don’t sit back and wait for someone to ask you for them. Your aim should be to make people want to answer your topic, not make it a task for them to do so.

Topic Titles
Make sure your topic title is descriptive but concise. It should reflect what your topic is about.
I Want, MUST HAVE, Heeeellllpppp!!!!, etc. means nothing to anyone. Include gametitles, names and version numbers when and where applicable.

Provide Additional Information
Whether you’re requesting help or submitting information about something, try to include as much information as you can get.
Try not to over use abbreviations in your posts. Someone searching for War Robots will not find a post or topic that only contains WR. Similarly, ensure that gamenames, possible errors, hacknames etc are spelled correctly.

Take your time
Please do not leave more than one reply in a thread within a short amount of time. Instead, preview your post before submitting it to be sure it is finished, or edit your post after it has been submitted. Creating multiple replies in a thread is frowned upon, and frequent abuse can lead to an infraction.

Please and thank you are always a welcome addition to any post. Remember, you are asking real people for something, not just feeding a computer with data! I feel less inclined to help those who neglect to be courteous and I’m sure many other members feel the same way too. Also, our coders and our team have Real Lives too so be patient.

Using all caps does not get you preferential treatment or get you an answer any quicker than using lowercase. It is rude and denotes you are shouting at people, it is also harder to read and less likely to get you the reply you would like.

What are sticky topics?
Sticky topics within the forum appear below announcements and only on the first page. They are important so you should read them whenever possible.

What is a bump?
A bump is any post intended to move a thread (usually old dead topic) to the top of the forum often abused to raise postcount.
Therer are exceptions but in general you won't make yourself loved by bumping old topics.
Please note that members filling the forums with bumps will be warned and possibly issued infractions.

General spamming, postcountboosting... is intended being a helpful supportforum for our hacks.
To keep the forum clean and to get the best out of the searchfunction it is best for all of us to follow the above posting rules.

Remember. we are fine with you guys creating "what's the better game" threads and polls and stuff. But just think before you post, if you are seeking to chat with fellow AS Members use Discord.

We noticed that a few members (you know who you are) start the bad habit of posting in every single topic, sometimes helpful posts but most seem just to be posted to raise postcount or out of boredom.
Examples of spam:
lol yeah i had this too. dunno how to fix it
Yeah that!

Those are just a few examples of posts we are sick of reading.
We kindly ask to keep unuseful posts and spam to a minimum, if not we can easily reset postcount or give out a few freebie infractions.
If you're warned for spam more than 3 times in a week you're banned for 5 days. No questions asked. If you argue you'll just get your ban increased.

If someone replies faster to someones question, don't make a second post with the same answer.


Your Team
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