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  1. L

    Solved Hit spoofer

    Hey, im wondering what does hit spoofer mean? Is it like the rain hack when you shoot with a sniper and it shows that you shot him with a shotgun? Like multiple bullets hit him. And is there aimbot that locks on to the head?
  2. skyr3x

    Solved Same mod menu designs?

    Why do all the mod menus for mobile look the same? No matter if it's by my boy ruit or some other people it's always these small grey transparent boxes that don't have an on/off indicator. They are always way too small on my phone for some reason so it's sometimes a struggle to activate the...
  3. 101100r

    Solved C-Ops Hack Questions (Not VIP support)

    I used to use this hack a while ago when it was $10 and then $5 for every Anti-Hack updat they had and I just want to ask a few questions because I have started playing the game again and want to use the hack. 1) Is the cheat undetectable if you aren't blatant about it. I have seen there have...
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