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critical ops

  1. Kitsune Stunt

    Solved Critical ops detection

    Hello there peeps, I just joined autoskillz's discord server to make sure if the cheat is worth it or no anymore ( Critical Ops Lv2 ), but some peeps were saying they just got banned, were day rage cheating ? Or is it a detection problem. I'm willing to cheat on my main account like i did...
  2. P

    Solved Good Critical Ops hack idea

    What if there was a way to give team aimbot and rain instead of just radar? And just give it to specific people? I wanted to help my friend with a hack like this, but nothing on the internet exists like this, or that I could find.
  3. golu yadav

    Solved new update

    yo, i wanna know when will be another update for critical ops (1.4.1) and i will have no servers? i wanna use only radar
  4. G

    Solved Critical Ops 1.2 Hacks

    Hi I’m not sure on how to use this website and I want to get the critical ops hacks 1.2 latest version I tried to find the payment option for LEVEL 2 Critical Ops hacks but it doesn’t show that and it only shows guns of booms in payment option Are c ops hacks available Email me or reply...
  5. L

    Solved Critical ops mod menu

    Hello I'm one of person who plays critical ops and I bought 14 dollar for the hack and what happens now? Will they send the apk? In what ways? Email? Or sns? Plz answer fast I want to use hack as fast I can.
  6. 101100r

    Solved C-Ops Hack Questions (Not VIP support)

    I used to use this hack a while ago when it was $10 and then $5 for every Anti-Hack updat they had and I just want to ask a few questions because I have started playing the game again and want to use the hack. 1) Is the cheat undetectable if you aren't blatant about it. I have seen there have...
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